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Audio CDs on UFOs and Space Phenomena

Audio CDs by Dr. Frank E. Stranges
© Julie Ann Stranges

To order, print out the order form and fill it in with the titles of the books you want.

Now take a good look at these fact-filled audio CDs...

All CDs $7.50 + s/h Except where noted
Please order by CD number.

Any 10 regularly priced CDs for $60.00 + s/h


1. Creation of Worlds Unlimited

2. Your Paradise Inside This Planet

3. The Great Flying Saucer Mystery

4. The Black Hole Mystery Revealed

5. How To Become An Interplanetary Traveler

6. The Day YOU Vanish From This Planet

7. The UFO Conspiracy

8. The Intergalactic Philosophy

9. Demons... From Outer Space

10. Lost Continents Of Mu & Atlantis,

11. Mystery Man Of Darkness #666

12. The Beginning of the End

13. The Deadly Bermuda Triangle

14. Devils, Demons, Evil Spirits & You

15. The Hollow Earth Mystery Explored,

16. Hanger 18 (Declassified Gov't. Info.)

17. Man's Next Step to the Universe

18. The Men In Black ,

19. The White Planet
(The Resting Place of "Holy" Artifacts Removed From Earth)

20. My First Visit Aboard a Star Ship

21. Alien Space Stations

22. The Seven Secret Cities,

23. Condition Red

24. No longer available.

25. Mystery Land of "Quello"
(The True Account of The Land/People BEFORE Adam and Eve)

26. The Third Eye Mystery, $10.00 + s/h

27. The Third Ear Mystery, $10.00 + s/h

28. The Abduction Riddle

29. The Underground Mystery (an Exposé of the Greys)

30. The Secret Control Room of the Dead Sea Scrolls, $10.00 + s/h

31. The Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls, $10.00 + s/h

32. The Mysteries on the Moon, $10.00 + s/h

33. An Exciting Visit to the Underground World, $10.00 + s/h

34. A Spiritual Exorcism, $10.00 + s/h

35. Preparing for the Future, $10.00 + s/h


To order, print out the order form and fill it in with the titles of the books you want.

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