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Dr. Frank E. Stranges

Dr. Frank E. Stranges


1927 – 2008

By Julie Ann Stranges

Dr. Frank Stranges was a very unusual man. He was not one who would go around “tooting” his own horn. In fact, just the opposite was true. He depended greatly on others to promote the work which he was told by The Lord Himself to do. Dr. Frank was truly a Man of God, an Apostle I believe, sent by God with a message for mankind - one which would assist every man, woman and child to find their true place on a pathway back to our Lord and Savior, Creator of all things.

Through his experiences, which began in the 1940's, he came to know the truths of the Universe and he was anxious to share the knowledge he had been privileged to obtain with those who wanted to listen. Some had ulterior motives for their association with him, and soon they fell by the wayside. His message never changed from the day I first met him in 1979. Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh and there is a path which will bring you back into harmony with His Perfect Will.

As the years went by, he brought forth more information in an afternoon during a special meeting than most people would hear during months of time. The wealth of knowledge this exceptional man possessed was such that he felt it his mission, his destiny, to share as much as he possibly could with those who had the ears to listen. Sometimes, as he would deliver his lessons, he would look out among those in the crowd which had gathered and wonder if the words he was saying were truly being understood and appreciated by the people. There were many times when he was too ill to speak, and yet through the Grace of God, he was able to go forward and deliver messages meant for “his flock.”

Dr. Frank valued every person he met, and those with whom he came into contact even over the phone. He treated everyone the same. He always had a good word to say when he would speak to you. I remember that he would often say to someone of the phone, “You’re looking really good today,” as if he was in the same room with them.

Dr. Frank also had his playful side. He loved humor. At home, he was always teasing about this or that, and it was difficult sometimes to tell if he was serious or not. He was able to keep from laughing until the joke was finished. And what a laugh we had during the twenty six years we spent together.

Although he never had children of his own, when Sean and Michael, my sons, were small, he used to ask them to sit in his lap and tell him a story. They never turned down the chance to do this, even when they were teenagers as well as when they had grown into the fabulous men they are. They were never afraid to show affection toward him or me in front of their friends. This is just one example of the legacy he has left for Sean and Michael.

Children around the world, when we used to travel to various countries, would run up to him in the airport and put their arms around his leg. The parents were sometimes horrified, and it always made him smile when they would behave in such a manner. He loved children and they were drawn to him.

Dr. Frank now resides in paradise, and we miss him and his presence beyond what words can express. This will always be so. His presence overshadowed any room in which he entered. And that same presence will always be in our hearts and minds. We MUST continue the work he began, with a new path to forge, in HIS MEMORY. We must assure a place for HIS LEGACY to remain. His teachings will never change, just as his message never changed.

God Bless you, Dr. Frank and thank you for all you gave us. We will always remember you and will carry on your work, filled with the knowledge that you trained us to share with others. We honor you by remembering what you taught, through the example you set and the goals you sought to attain. May the love of The Creator fill the void your loss has left and may His Holy Spirit fill us with the strength and direction to carry on your work. We pray that we are “up to the job.”

Rest well, thou good and faithful servant! I will see you again one day! Until then, I will hold you close in my heart forever, my very special Love.

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