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Millennium VII

Millenium Seven cover The author who brought you such works as "Stranger at the Pentagon" and "The UFO Conspiracy" among others, now breaks new ground with his latest release, "Millennium Seven."

There is much information that is being communicated to mankind regarding one of the most marvelous events soon to take place on our planet Earth. The truth of the matter is that the Millennium will not only touch every living person, but will also affect every sphere (planet) which sustains life as we know it, in the entire universe. The universality of this great event will bring into focus many changes throughout the known world. We all know that these events will take place very shortly.

This book has been carefully designed in an effort to prepare you, the reader, for the great events which will shape your lives for the future. Ancient texts and translations with interpretations and various scrolls stand firm on the events that are about to take place. Please keep in mind the admonition in Holy Writ which speaks of time as you read each page of text.

Millennium Seven by Dr. Frank E. Stranges
Published 1998

ISBN# 0-933470-15-0
Paperback, 75 pages
Price: $12.95 + s/h

© Julie Ann Stranges

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