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Spacecraft Over Earth

Spacecraft Over Earth cover Parked near the shore of the western-most reach of Lake Mead, east of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada is VICTOR ONE, a spacecraft from an extraterrestrial culture in which the name of Commander Valiant Thor is prominent.  VICTOR ONE is northwest of Hoover Dam, southeast of Nellis Air Force Base, northeast of the town of Henderson and south of the Gypsum Plant.  VICTOR ONE has been in this vicinity for almost 20 years.  This awesome craft is the flagship of the fleet.  There are Victor Class spacecraft that have been here on earth for more than 150 years.

In "Spacecraft Over Earth" Dr. Stranges documents the Victor class and Instrumentation class spacecraft of this mighty fleet along with the two Orbital spheres that circle this world and their attending shuttle craft.  He gives details on the number of craft, their deployment and mission.  He also gives us a look at the crew members of Victor One and their duties.

Spacecraft Over Earth by Dr. Frank E. Stranges
Published 1997
ISBN# 0-933470-14-2
Paperback, 36 pages
Price: $9.95 + s/h

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